Meeting of the Minds #1: Unfiltered Lager w/ BKS Artisan Ales

Meeting of the Minds is our collaboration series rooted in an approach that places learning and exploration at the forefront. Our ultimate goal is to use these opportunities to improve and gain knowledge as a brewery by working with like-minded brewers, winemakers, distillers, chefs, coffee roasters, bakers and others that are immersed in the world of food and fermentation science.

With that said, I’m happy to announce our first release with our friends at BKS Artisan Ales is an unfiltered lager hopped with Nelson Sauvin and Huell Melon. Brian and I have been dreaming of this lager since last August when we started talking about the collaboration. It’s also important to note that Brian and Mary have welcomed us graciously to the Kansas City beer scene and have allowed me to come into their brewery whenever I feel like talking shop or shaking the rust off.

There were some key challenges that Brian and I wanted to tackle when starting to work through the recipe for this lager. Overall we created a lager that gives respect to both traditional and modern ingredients. We settled on a traditional grain bill while also implementing gentle amounts of Nelson Sauvin and Huell Melon later in the brewing and conditioning phases. The beer pours straw-gold and our tasting notes include a sweet Pilsner malt profile with a cracker finish and rounded out with floral, honeysuckle and white grape characteristics. 

Throughout these months of conversations and recipe creation with Brian, I personally gained a more in-depth analysis of the city water here in Kansas City as well as a focused approach in using non-traditional lager hops and what flavors and aromas could be present in a subtle manner. I think this is a really exciting lager and indicative of how lager is evolving in the United States. Thanks for reading and I hope you can make it out this Friday, February 15th to BKS Artisan Ales for the release!


Nick Mader

Nick Mader