There’s always been something about Southwest Boulevard. In a span of two miles it visually captures the industrial roots of Kansas City branching toward the downtown skyline. As a kid I can still remember driving past the old Imperial Brewery after a Blades game and being enamored with what I thought was a castle. I never thought that I’d get to be a quarter mile away from that building twenty years later.

We are also down the street from my one of my biggest inspirations in beer. Like many folks in Kansas City, my introduction into craft beer was Boulevard Brewing Company. After college I got a bartending job there, which also allowed me to give tours and learn the layout of the brewery. I loved pulling up to my shift with the smell of wort in the air and knowing that I got to talk about (and serve) great beer.

With our location at 2635 Southwest Boulevard, we also have The Roasterie as our backdoor neighbor! I don’t know how you top the smell of roasted coffee wafting through your door every hour. It’s incredible. I feel fortunate to be around such inspirational businesses and a tight-knit neighborhood. As a brewer, it’s our job to continuously search for inspiration and our surroundings definitely offer that to us. I’m eagerly awaiting to put my boots on, fire up the boiler, mash in, start lauter, and go grab a cup of coffee.

As I mentioned in the previous blog post we just started construction. Over the past two weeks we cut concrete and laid the majority of our underground plumbing. We are still waiting on our trench drains to arrive so there are a couple sections left to complete but overall we’re looking good and should have all concrete poured back before November! Lastly, we are just about to start framing, HVAC, and various upgrades to our building. Please be sure to follow us on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter if you’d like to see frequent progress pictures.

Thanks again for reading and I want to throw out a big thank you to everyone who gave us love and support after we announced last week. It has been amazing to reconnect with so many folks!


Nick Mader